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Ok, I don't get it. Why are your rates so low compared to others ?

I know to some our prices are shockingly low compared to the $1,000+ packages from other companies. It's very simple though. Most DJ services have a high overhead compared to our low overhead. We are a small team compared to most companies having teams of 20+ DJ's, billing, sales, marketing agents, fancy offices etc. Our team is comprised of 4 award winning DJ's with the most well know being DJ Brock (Founder of Party Every Night DJs) with over 10 years experience, 500 weddings and hundreds of Private Parties completed. We also staff a Service Tech to always make sure our sound and lighting equipment is of the highest quality, and a Set-up/Tear down assistant for those big gigs with lot's of extras. Our team is small for one reason, so we can work directly with each client and give them the time and attention they need without losing focus of whats important to them. You are always going to work with your DJ directly from Start to Finish. No pushy sales and marketing reps to secure your deposit! We want you to feel comfortable you are making the right decision to include us in your big day! You are not a profit in our eyes but a new adventure! We are a service that has mastered the wedding industry and want to make our services affordable to everyone. It really is just that simple.


How many events have you successfully completed?

We have been in business for over 12 years and have hundreds of weddings/private parties successfully completed. We are part of an elite few! The 500 club! No job is too big for us. We are experienced MC's, Masters of Ceremony and trained lighting and audio specialists holding degrees from several different universities. We train monthly on all new music, new technology, and DJ tools and tips. We are not just Disc Jockeys but seasoned wedding planners!

What happens when I decide to book?

We will work on creating your personal client contract between us as the service provider and you as the client. Once you have reviewed the contract a low deposit will be required to reserve your date. From there you will receive your free online event planner login to start planning your event. We stay in contact and at your disposal from the first hello to the final farewell. Your planner is user friendly and very easy to navigate. You will be able to plan your timeline of events, what music you do or don't want played, leave notes for your dj, arrange your introductions, pick your cocktail and dinner music, and more!


Does my DJ need a Music License? Are you licensed?


Some DJs have been confused in the past about carrying membership in performing arts organizations like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC because the rules differ depending on the performance type.  The way their licensing is structured, it is actually the responsibility of the venue (bar, nightclub, etc.) to maintain membership and pay royalties.  DJs playing for the public (so not for private events like weddings) then provide a list to the venue of the music that was played – that’s it.  If a DJ plays for the public outside of a licensed establishment, then they are responsible for paying the royalties.  This type of copyright licensing has absolutely nothing to do with weddings and private events.  Below are exact quotes from Licensing agencies. Here’s what they said:


“ASCAP does not license DJs. It is the venue, establishment, or promoter of an event that is responsible for public performance licensing, not the performer. Private events such as weddings, etc. are exempt from licensing.”- Bryn Caryl, ASCAP


“BMI licenses the “public performance” of music… events such as private parties and weddings are not required to have a license.”- Jaqui Garlan, BMI


“Royalty fees are not collected for private performances.”- David Derryberry, SESAC

Online Event Planner? What's that?

Your online event planner is your FREE wedding planner! No need to hire someone to coordinate your event! No sense in cramping your hands with countless hours of logging every detail, request, timeline of events. We provide you with a log-in and password to your own Client Area where you take control in the flow of your event from a custom timeline, planning form and special notes log. Want to take control of all your music from Must Play, Do Not Play, Shout this song out to _______! Pick if you want the version to be clean for the kiddos, or original for the adult crowd! Your at full control of your entire event! Work on your planner as you go, or have it all done over a glass of wine! Not sure the names of the newest songs? Simply add from a list of Most Requested Dance, Cake Cutting, Introductions and more!

Do you just provide DJ services?


We are a one stop service that provides everything you need for your big day. We offer uplighting, gobo monograms, dancing on the clouds, bubble machines, ceremony music setup, rental equipment, projectors, master of ceremony, wireless microphones, party games, glow sticks, party favors and more! We also have a lot of tips and tricks to help your big day run smooth and to ensure everyone enjoys themselves! We understand you have never done this before! Let us help make your big day a unique experience!